Fathoms Technology

IL Series Air Flow Meters and Controllers

The IL gas mass flow meter is a complete flow measuring system in a single unit. Mass flow is read directly, enabling these units to be calibrated for a wide range of flow rates and gases. The IL is unique in the industry by its special zero-dead space design, which resists contamination and makes cleaning easy. With its compact design of only 5" tall, 3" wide, and 1" high, it's solid steel casing makes it highly durable and convenient for storage.
All units undergo NIST traceable calibration and come with back-lit display.
The IL is available as a meter or controller. Call 1-888-FATHOMS (328-4667) for more information.

Technical Info

Wetted Material316 Stainless Steel
Output Signal0-5 VDC Linear or 4-20 MA Linear
Input Power24 VDC Standard, Optional 15 VDC 115 VAC, 220 VAC @ 500ma
Accuracy+/- 1% Full scale (including Linearity)
Repeatability+/- 0.15% Full scale or better
Connection9 Pin Sub "D"
Control SignalIntegral or 0-5 VDC
Control ValveElectromagnetic N/C
Meter Range0-10 SCCM to 30 SLPM
Controller Range0-10 SCCM to 20 SLPM
Max Pressure250 PSIG
Response Time1 Sec
Temperature Coeff.0.05% Full scale per 1º C or better
Pressure Coeff.0.01% Full scale per PSIGw or better

Call 1-888-Fathoms (328-4667) to Order!